Mixing Plaster

  Tips on how to mix plaster; Ever mixed plaster and it set quickly?    This is common for most people. Mixing plaster can be quite tricky. Always  have  the  required  amount  of  CLEAN,  COLD  water  placed  in your  mixing  container  first. Gradually sprinkle a handful of plaster at a […] Read more »

Patching a small hole tip

A short video on how to patch a very small hole in Drywall Plaster. Tools required; Two  broad  knives,  small  amount  of cornice  adhesive,  top  coat  and  sanding  block (optional). For your safety, gloves,  face mask and drop sheets to protect floor. Make sure to come back and check out […] Read more »

Water Damage Plaster Ceiling and Wall Repair Tips

Plaster and water do not mix. When you see drywall or plasterboard sagging or deforming, it’s obvious that there is something wrong. Most likely it is caused due to water, moisture or even insufficient fixing. First  thing  is  to  assess  and  rectify  the  nature  of  the  problem  prior  to  repairing […] Read more »