Mixing Plaster


Tips on how to mix plaster;

Ever mixed plaster and it set quickly?    This is common for most people.

Mixing plaster can be quite tricky.

Always  have  the  required  amount  of  CLEAN,  COLD  water  placed  in your  mixing  container  first.

Gradually sprinkle a handful of plaster at a time until you see some islands of plaster forming and allow the plaster to “SOAK”.


After a minute or two, start mixing gently and if it looks too runny, add by sprinkling more plaster, keep mixing gently.

Plaster should hold it shape and should not run off your trowel.

Now you have a workable consistency with plenty of time (up to 45 minutes).

TIP:– If you need a small amount to set quicker, remove a required amount of mixed plaster, place it on a piece of board and mix it thoroughly for a while. This agitates the plaster making it set faster, in the mean time you still have the first mix still workable. Another tip is to add a little salt or I sometimes grate some plasterboard and sprinkle some of the powder similar to using salt, (about a teaspoon for a small amount of mixed plaster).  Experiment to find which method suits you and how quickly the mix takes to set.

Mixing containers can range from ice cream or any plastic container, like take away ones for a one off job and throw away when finished or a gauge bucket like in the video where you can use it many times.

I generally have at least two and always lightly grease them, similar to greasing a cake tin, with old sump oil.

The  reason  for  this  is  the  remaining  set plaster  will  pop  out  and  easily  cleaned.



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